Grand Podcast of the Republic

Movement News, a critical examination of the status quo.  We will use a problem-based method of exploring social problems, looking first at how policy impacts the under-served and under-represented, especially the needs of eco-systems.


We will put the political spectrum back in order. Instead of the dominant neo- liberal political spectrum with the democratic party centrists positioned on the "far left" - the liberal corporate establishment will have a fair and rightful place as a conservative movement that is capable of being a partner on preserving vital social institutions and hard-fought civil rights advances. Democratic Socialism will moderate the center between liberals of good faith and comrades pushing for radical change.

Rude Truth

At long last, the power, raw honesty and humor of punk rock is available in metaphoric infotainment form without the mandatory noise, broken glass, and high velocity body slamming. For punks and non-punks alike.


Would you kill and devour your grandchildren as a tribute to some sick greedhead?

No sane person would do this. Grandchildren are a blessing. So why do we allow Trump and other war profiteers--and ourselves--to ignore problems with existing nuclear waste to generate more nuclear waste costing untold billions for hundreds of years moving forward? Why does the corporate press hype the wall and ignore this crisis? Why ignore reactionaries changng clean water laws to allow more water pollution? Scientists and national security experts alike warn of the dangers posed by Climate Disturbance. Trump voters and Berniecrats alike agree a political revolution is needed. The devil is in the details. We will exorcise that problem with the power of rational thought and evidence-based assumptions.

Something this clever should have overpriced office space, right?

We don't want it. We'd rather recruit and train organizers to join our partner organizations persuading and mobilizing communities to create good outcomes for our shared revolutionary experiment in representative government.


Your action step here?

The problems and topics discussed on the current episode of Grand Podcast of the Republic (GPR) could have an action item for your progressive/reform network here.