(GPR) Grand Podcast of the Republic

It's the Revolution, stupid.

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Radio Basement

The Buzz Fugazi Show, Lush Limburger, Shawn Insanity. All stupid, crazy white men all the time. This is not at all a parody of the Hateocracy.

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Name Dropping

This is the ultimate Tinsel Town Podcast. Why worry about the cancer cluster in your water supply or climate disturbance causing the erosion and destruction of human habitat?  Other shows ignore global instability, and the desperate pleas of refugees and migrant workers. And so do we! True Hollywood Stories with professional Human Wall Paper, Larry Fugazi

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Infotainment to save the planet

Our truth is more useful. Our lies are more fun.

Get rich quick and lose all unwanted extra weight with no worries, no cost, and zero effort. Trump Fugazi will explain everything with the best words.



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